Department of Medical Microbiology

Department of medical microbiology carries out advanced microbiology diagnostics of selected contagions, and introduces and applies new progressive molecular-biological methods into laboratory practice in accordance with new diagnostic standards recommended by WHO and ECDC, thus contributing to the raising of quality of prevention programs.

Department carries out also other important activities:

  • in cooperation with Department of epidemiology PHA SR secures realization of the Immunization program in the Slovak Republic and carries out national laboratory surveillance of flu and flu-like diseases, poliomyelitis and diseases which imitate poliomyelitis (ACHO), meningococcal invasive infections, salmonellosis, measles, rubella, parotitis, arboviruses and hemorrhagic fever, and keeps national database of resistance of microorganisms on antibiotics,
  • realizes tasks and recommendations of WHO and EC in elimination, eradication and control of serious infectious diseases,
  • takes part in solving of programs and projects of public health and of priority tasks of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic,
  • secures international cooperation including required analyses and reports to regional workplaces of specific nets of the EU and WHO
  • methodically and expertly guides and coordinates other regional public health authorities in the Slovak Republic in fulfilment of national and also international programs in protection and promotion of health,
  • secures preparation of cell cultures for cooperating workplaces at RPHA in Banská Bystrica and Košice,
  • provides expert information, consultations and schooling events in diagnostic methods.

In scope of department of medical microbiology national reference centers (NRC) carries out activities, gathering information on current knowledge in specialized field, monitoring, developing, verifying and introducing to practice new procedures and methods, methodologically guiding related workplaces at RPHA in the Slovak Republic.

National reference centers:

  • National Reference Center for Poliomyelitis,
  • National Reference Center for Influenza,
  • National Reference Center for Morbilli, Rubella and Parotitis,
  • National Reference Center for Meningococci,
  • National Reference Center for Monitoring of Resistance of Microorganisms on Antibiotics,
  • National Reference Center for Salmonelosis,
  • National Reference Center for Arboviruses and Haemorrhagic Fever.

Specialized laboratories in scope of the department:

  • laboratory of molecular diagnostics,
  • laboratory of cell cultures,
  • laboratory with level of biological security for biofactors 3,
  • section for securing of laboratory and sanitary activities.