Department of Materialization of living conditions factors

Department provides exact and reliable results on quality of water for drinking and bathing, food, objects of common use, cosmetics, internal and external air, internal environment of buildings and working environment.

Dept. carries out chemical and genotoxicological analysis of biological material in connection to exposure to harmful substances in living and working environment, ecotoxicological examinations in waters, soils, waste and chemical substances and objectification of physical factors in living and working environments for the decision-making process of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic and regional public health authorities (RPHA) in the SR and for securing of control of health harmlessness of components of living and working environment.

Workstations of department secure special analyses for other RPHA in Slovakia and provide services to customers in the sphere of testing of components of the living and working environment. They detect the presence of unknown dangerous chemical substances in exceptional and accidental situations.

Department was awarded SNAS certificate of accreditation No. S 048 in the year 2002, thanks to which it is competent to carry out tests and measurements of chemical, biological and physical factors of environment, as well as air sampling with the required exactness of measurement and level of detection according to STN EN ISO/IEC 17 025.

Department carries out accredited and unaccredited tests.

National reference centers
National reference centers (NRC) carry out their activities within the Department of materialization of living conditions factors. Their task is to gather the newest data in specialized spheres, develop, check and introduce into practice new analytical procedures, methodically direct related workstations at RPHA in the SR and cooperate in the preparation of legislation with the Ministry of Health.

  • National Reference Center for Pesticides Residues
  • National Reference Center for Exposition Tests of Xenobiotics
  • National Reference Center for Microbiology of Living Environment
  • National Reference Center for Legionella in Living Environment
  • National Reference Center for Hydrobiology
  • National Reference Center for Ecotoxicology
  • National Reference Center for Evaluation of Late Effects of Chemical Substances by methods of genetic toxicology
  • National Reference Center for Non-ionizing Radiation
  • National Reference Center for Thermic-humid Microclimate

Specialized laboratories of materialization of living conditions factors
Other specialized workstations which secure tests of components of living and working environment are specialized laboratories of materialization of living conditions factors:

  • specialized laboratory of water chemistry,
  • specialized laboratory of foodstuff chemistry,
  • specialized laboratory of air chemistry,
  • specialized laboratory of atomic absorptive spectrometry,
  • specialized laboratory of liquid chromatography,
  • specialized laboratory of gas chromatography,
  • specialized laboratory of noise and vibrations,
  • working group for samples taking.