Back Presidency of the Slovak Republic in Council of EU (SK PRES 2016) starts on 1 July 2016

According to Council decision from 1 January 2007 which sets the order of Council presidencies, the Slovak Republic will preside in framework of presidency trio the Netherlands (01/2016-06/2016), Slovakia (SK PRES 07/2016-12/2016) and Malta (01/2017-06/2017).

SK PRES 2016 will have strong publicity-presentation potential not only in framework of EU and its member states but also in international institutions, in countries out of EU and also within the country with regard to rising of knowledge of inhabitants of the Slovak Republic about the EU.

PHA SR as a dominant entity of state health policy in the field of public health will actively participate in expert events in framework of SK PRES 2016 not only by participation of its experts in framework of expert advisory bodies of European structures but also by direct participation at the presidency program events in framework of health.