National Reference Centres (NRC)

In accordance with the § 8 of the Act No. 355/2007 Coll. of Laws on protection, promotion and development of public health and on change and amendment of some acts in wording of later regulations, National reference centre is a specialized workplace of public health authority or regional public health authority for the solution of tasks of public health system.

National reference centre

  1. ensures specialized advanced and final laboratory diagnostics and verification of laboratory results,
  2. defines reference methods and standards,
  3. carries out expert, methodical and publication activity,
  4. secures epidemiological supervision,
  5. stores samples of biological material or other material which contains the agent of the disease and which was obtained from a confirmed case of disease,
  6. cooperates with the respective bodies and organizations of the European Union and the World Health Organization,
  7. secures training in new laboratory methodologies.

List of NRC established on the basis of PHA SR and RPHA in the SR (pdf, 104C kB)