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Food supplements are foodstuffs intended to supplement the normal natural diet. They are concentrated sources of nutrients. They are not medicinal products, they are not intended for treatment of human diseases and that is why in their case it is misleading, deceptive and at the same time forbidden to state any information about prevention, treatment and healing of human diseases. Food supplements must not contain ingredients in quantities which are present in medicinal products, they must not contain narcotic, psychotropic substances and any other components, which are not safe, or in quantities which are not proved as safe. In case they contain “novel food” ingredients, these must comply with the Regulation (EC) No. 258/97.

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janpaJoint Action on Nutrition and Physical Activity (pdf)

Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic with partners from 26 european countries participate in JANPA.

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Evaluation of European immunization week (EIW) 2015 activities (pdf)

Total evaluation of EIW activities 2014 in the SR Print E-mail
Total evaluation of EIW activities 2014 in the SR (pdf)
Total evaluation of EIW activities 2013 in the SR Print E-mail
Total evaluation of EIW activities 2013 in the SR (pdf)
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Vaccination belongs to important and effective ways of infectious diseases prevention. Along with securing of drinking water it belongs to the most effective ways of morbidity and mortality decreasing of infectious diseases in the world. That is why majority of countries in the world adopted in second half of the twentieth century immunization programs. Effectiveness of vaccination is unambiguously proven by regression up-to clearance of many diseases preventable by vaccination. Influence of vaccination can be best illustrated on eradication of smallpox in the world. Thanks to vaccination this deadly disease was overcome, in seventies of the last century this disease was the cause of many deaths. In countries with low immunization rate, i.e. with not adequate collective immunity, many vaccination preventable diseases occur.


Compulsory vaccination takes place in Slovakia since fifties of the last century. By consistent immunization, poliomyelitis and neonatal tetanus were eradicated in the Slovak Republic. Since the 1960s there was not registered a single disease on tetanus in children and youth. The last diphtheria case was reported in 1980, last disease on measles in 1998 and in other contagions of immunization program morbidity is on very low level. By proclamation of certification of poliomyelitis eradication in the Euro region in June 2002, eradication of this disease was confirmed also in Slovakia. With no vaccination in place, Slovak Republic would face high incidence of many diseases and mortalities on these diseases. Treatment of these diseases is much more expensive than vaccination. There is compulsory vaccination in the Slovak Republic against 10 communicable diseases – measles, parotitis, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, poliomyelitis, virus hepatitis type B, haemophilic invasive infections and pneumococcal invasive diseases.

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